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Does your child love to dance around the house? Then increase their coordination, musicality and dance skills. Discover Dance explores basic dance movements through a variety of rhythms, creative imagery and steps.
Ballet makes you a super hero! Let’s don superhero capes and learn to jump, skip, and develop other complex coordinations and ballet movements while pretending to be your very own superhero!
Ages 5-7
If your child loves popular music and making rhythms with their bodies, then this is the class for them. We spend a half hour warming up, stretching and learning some fundamentals of jazz in an high energy environment, then switch gears to make sounds with our feet in Tap!
Practice a ballet or jazz dance and perform it onstage multiple times. Students in dance for stage programs learn a short dance and perform it in two local Kingston competitions.
*This program starts in October*
If barrework is your favourite part of ballet class, then this class is for you! Spend one hour focusing on technique and artistry at the barre!
Centre practice, port de bras, turns, adage and a few light jumping exercises will be the focus of this class designed to help adults and teens improve their balance and coordination once they move
beyond the barre!