3 Streams of Dance Education

At 5678 dance studio, we recognize that not every dancer wants to be a professional, however all dancers, regardless of aspirations, should have the best training possible in a positive and nurturing environment. We have 3 streams of dance education: recreational, exam and competitive. Dance equips individuals with lifelong skills regarding physical literacy, bodily awareness, social interactions and cooperation. We actively nurture these qualities across all our streams and have different foci for each perspective.

These classes are created with the purpose of progressing dancers at a developmentally appropriate rate based on attending classes once per week. Students taking classes one time per week can expect to spend 2-3 years in each level 1 (R) and 2 (R) in different dance genres to develop appropriate strength and coordination to progress to the next level. While these classes incorporate material and teaching methods from internationally recognized dance syllabi, they do not prepare examination content. Instead, technique and artistry are introduced in a fun and encouraging environment. Dancers are taught safe and developmentally sound technique while making friends and having fun. All recreational stream dance classes have the option of participating in the year-end recital. Recreational stream classes are indicated with an “R”.

Discover Dance
Pre-Ballet (R)
Pre-Primary Ballet (R)
Primary Ballet (R)
Ballet 1 (R)
Ballet 2 (R)
Superhero Ballet
Jazz 1(R)
Jazz 2 (R)
Jazz/Tap Combo Class
Junior I Tap (R)
Adult/Teen Ballet 1 (R)
Adult/Teen Ballet 2 (R)
Adult/Teen Jazz 1 (R)
Adult/Teen Contemporary (R)
Junior Hip Hop (R)
Teen Hip Hop (R)
Adult Hip Hop (R)
Adult Tap (R)
Contemporary 1 (R)
Junior Contemporary (R)
Core Stability & Dance
Conditioning (R)
Introduction to Acrobatic Arts (R)

In these classes, students enjoy the challenge of completing internationally recognized dance syllabi from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) and Acrobatic Arts. In open classes, students build up complex coordinations, while refining movements required for the level. Exam Syllabus classes focus only on the exam syllabus. Students are required to take both open and syllabus classes in preparation for an exam. Exam work fosters growth in goal setting, discipline and positions dancers to be working at pre-professional levels within internationally recognized teaching methods. We offer exam preparation for dancers aged 6 to adult!

primary ballet
grade 1
grade 2
grade 3
grade 4
grade 5
advanced foundation
advanced 1
advanced 2
advanced Cecchetti

pre-junior jazz
junior i jazz
junior ii jazz
junior iii jazz
pre-inter i jazz
pre-inter ii jazz
pre-inter iii jazz
intermediate i jazz
intermediate ii jazz
intermediate iii jazz
pre-advanced jazz
advanced jazz

junior i tap
junior ii tap
junior iii tap
pre-inter i tap
pre-inter ii tap
pre-inter iii tap
intermediate i tap
intermediate ii tap
intermediate iii tap

As we focus extensively on dancers’ technical development in their dance classes, the competitive stream allows young performers multiple opportunities to go onstage in a single season. We strive to provide a stress free environment that allows for the refinement of performing skill sets. 5678 provides three levels of competitive involvement.

Competitive Co. 1: This level is for Novice Competitors or Students who take less than 6 hours of classes. Our Dance for Stage programs fit into this category.
Competitive Co. 2: This level is for students taking more than 6 hours of classes per week. Students compete in a minimum of three groups.
Competitive Co. 3: This level is for students in post-secondary institutions who wish to continue competing in dance competitions.

“The studio has also been amazing at customizing [our son’s] schedule to best suit him and his goals, and they are always so flexible in adapting to individual needs… I am dancing too, as an adult student. And now I’m taking ballet exams again, which is thrilling! It is rare to find a dance studio that takes adult students seriously, and I feel so encouraged and confident now.”Sandra
“In addition to providing a high caliber of dance education, 5678 is a family friendly studio and we love how inclusive, relaxed and fun the staff are. We appreciated how our daughter was able to enjoy participating in the end of year performance without any stress.”Amy
“My daughter has been dancing at 5-6-7-8 dance studios for the last two years. Her ballet instructor motivates her every week to try to her best and work hard, while at the same time infusing fun, laughter, and camaraderie. We have also valued the mentorship and support provided by the more advanced dancers. The performances are always beautifully choreographed, and are a joy for my daughterto be a part of, as well as to watch.”Lesley