3 Streams of Dance Education

At 5678 dance studio, we recognize that not every dancer wants to be a professional, however all dancers, regardless of aspirations, should have the best training possible in a positive and nurturing environment. We have 3 streams of dance education: recreational, exam and competitive. Dance equips individuals with lifelong skills regarding physical literacy, bodily awareness, social interactions and cooperation. We actively nurture these qualities across all our streams and have different foci for each perspective.

“The studio has also been amazing at customizing [our son’s] schedule to best suit him and his goals, and they are always so flexible in adapting to individual needs… I am dancing too, as an adult student. And now I’m taking ballet exams again, which is thrilling! It is rare to find a dance studio that takes adult students seriously, and I feel so encouraged and confident now.”Sandra
“In addition to providing a high caliber of dance education, 5678 is a family friendly studio and we love how inclusive, relaxed and fun the staff are. We appreciated how our daughter was able to enjoy participating in the end of year performance without any stress.”Amy
“My daughter has been dancing at 5-6-7-8 dance studios for the last two years. Her ballet instructor motivates her every week to try to her best and work hard, while at the same time infusing fun, laughter, and camaraderie. We have also valued the mentorship and support provided by the more advanced dancers. The performances are always beautifully choreographed, and are a joy for my daughterto be a part of, as well as to watch.”Lesley