The Nutcracker: A Mini Ballet and Educational Experience

In December 2010, 5678 performed its first Mini-Nutcracker at The Royale retirement centre for a crowd of about 50 people in their dining hall.  The performance was so enjoyable for dancers and well-received by audience members who just wanted to know more about the Nutcracker.  The next year, we combined our love of ballet with the desire for knowledge we found both in our audience the first year and also, the Ontario curriculum and we have never looked back.  In the last 4 years of the performance, an average of 1200 people attend the Nutcracker yearly.  Our Q & A afterwards allows our students to educate their audience about the ballet and dance in general.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, we were not able to perform the Nutcracker in person, but instead, reformulated the ballet into a different storyline where Clara, gifted an ipad by her eclectic relative, traveled through zoom to the Kingdom of Sweets.  We also put some development into educational modules that can be used in future years prior to classes attending or streaming our Nutcracker performance.