Our Philosophy

5678 Dance Studioʼs mission is to enrich individuals and communities through dance education. We aim to help each student, regardless of age, ethnicity, sex, gender, physical or cognitive abilities to reach their fullest potential by enhancing their interest, talents and enthusiasm across all dance disciplines. Our pedagogical approach emphasizes dance and physical literacy as aspects of holistic human development.

Our family-oriented environment strives to promote the joy of dance in an atmosphere that is both recreational and of a professional caliber. While our students, within the last year, have been accepted into internationally acclaimed professional training programs (The National Ballet School of Canada, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet (x2) and The Joffrey Ballet Schoolʼs Jazz and Contemporary Summer Program), we believe that everyone has the right to access the highest quality professional training in Kingston, regardless of their aspirations. To this effect, we offer recreational programming, pre- professional programming, as well as a competitive team.

Our core values are to:

  • Provide high quality dance education for students and the community
  • Remain a family-oriented facility
  • Facilitate bilingual dance education options
  • Promote a friendly atmosphere to engage and enrich learning

We maintain these core values by following and remaining in good standing with two internationally recognized organizations that provide training syllabi for different dance disciplines. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) based out of England for ballet and The Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) based out of Canada for Jazz, Tap and newly emerging Acrobatic Dance. Our students enter yearly for exams by these two institutions and receive above average to excellent marks, thereby confirming that our students are receiving quality training as determined by these institutions.

As part of our affiliation with these organizations, our teachers are required to regularly undertake professional development programs to keep up with the latest research and trends in dance education. Having teachers associated and affiliated with these institutions ensures that these standards are being met.

We provide our dancers with multiple performance opportunities throughout the year: a Nutcracker performance every December, a Year-End recital every June, various community performances throughout the year and competitive dance performances throughout March, April and May.

In addition to dancing opportunities, 5678 Dance Studio has an Assistant Teacher and Young Teachersʼ programs where students who have achieved a certain level of technical proficiency in their ballet and jazz exams begin as assistants in our younger classes and eventually transition to supply teachers and young teachers.