Recreation & Pre-Pro

5678 offers two kinds of programming.  We offer recreational and pre-professional training.  Effectively, both the recreational and pre-professional training classes offer the highest quality instruction, however, the time commitments differ in each program.

Recreational classes are designed for students who want to dance once per week per discipline.  These students love to dance, but also love many other things.  They want to be challenged in dance to learn new things and be the best they can be, but to do so once a week.  Students may sign up for recreational ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop and acro.  A student may take more than one recreational class and they will find them all engaging, and they will help the dancer become the best they can be.

Recreational classes are also ideal for dancers who used to dance a lot but still want to keep dancing with a lesser time commitment.  By having a number of different levels of difficulty at each age group, there are engaging classes that will continue students’ enjoyment of dance on their own terms, at their own pace and in keeping with other commitments they may have.  We offer recreational programming for students aged 3 and up.  Recreational students who are enrolled in ballet are able to audition for our annual Nutcracker performance.

Pre-professional programs are designed to ensure that students are meeting specific training markers that coincide with other pre-professional programs internationally.  They also have a specific program where students take two ballet, one jazz and one contemporary class as part of their programming.  Among the ballet, jazz and contemporary classes, there are also elements of core stability and a focus on jumps and turns.

Pre-pro programs are ideal for dancers who want to spend a lot of time at the studio and perfect their skills up to and including professional levels.  Students who have graduated from our programming have gone onto careers in dance, and nearly every other career imaginable.  Pre-pro students should plan on spending a minimum 5 hours per week at the studio in levels 1-4, 6 hours in level 5 and a minimum of 6.5 hours per week in levels 7-9.  Being a pre-pro student is a prerequisite for taking RAD vocational exams, ADAPT Advanced levels as well as our competitive programming.  We offer pre-pro programming for ages 7 & up.  Any pre-pro student who wants to compete is automatically accepted onto our competitive team.  Pre-pro students who wish to participate in the Nutcracker annually are automatically accepted.