Katherine Mazurok

Manager of Operations and Curriculum Development
DDTS (Distinction), RAD RTS
MA (Politics)
Ballet, Jumps & Turns, Dance Conditioning, Modern

Katherine moved to Kingston in 2008¬†after completing bachelors’ degrees in Political Science, Women’s Studies, French and Ukrainian Language and Literature at the University of Alberta. While living in Edmonton, Katherine studied ballet (Cecchetti and RAD) and modern (Limon). In 2003, she completed her Advanced Cecchetti exam.

As a performer, Katherine took part in a student company, which performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ross Brierton and Stacey Buffie, as well as Orchesis (Tamara Bliss) – the University of Alberta’s dance company. There, she had the opportunity to work with world-renowned choreographer Cori Caulfield, in a new work: Revolver 1-7. She also performed with the Universite de Bourgogne’s company under the direction of Claudine Peny.

In light of her many contemporary performing opportunities, Katherine firmly believes that the control and strength developed through strong ballet technique allows students to excel in all forms of dance. Her teaching is informed by this belief as proper execution, appropriate level progressions, continual building of strength, while maintaining a sense of artistry, are emphasized in both in her open and syllabus classes. Through her 19 years of teaching, Katherine has taught ballet to children ages 3 to adults at beginner to advanced levels. She is always eager to find ways to encourage dancers in their passion for dance and their love of ballet technique. To this effect, Katherine continues to work on her own teaching through various avenues of professional development, including attending teaching workshops and by her recent completion of the Diploma of Dance Teaching Studies from the Royal Academy of Dance which she was awarded with Distinction.